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Thank you for your interest in my passion. I hope that my work will draw you into my space and give you a glimpse of how I see the world.  


- Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

- Member and Vice President of the South Surrey White Rock Art Society

- Member of the Semiahmoo Arts Society


I was born in Vancouver, BC in1956. My childhood memories revolve around my father, W. Peter Klemm as he followed his artistic passions and dreams. This included supporting his family with his art and much like most artists who make this attempt we lived a nomadic existence and experienced many lean years. Art has always been a constant presence in my life. I grew up in homes that smelled of turpentine because my father always had a painting on the go while I spent many hours with pencil and paper in hand.

My father, who was my mentor, studied art at the Vancouver and the New Caledonia Schools of Art. He became quite successful and well known locally in Vancouver in the '60s. He was fascinated with Edgar Leeteg’s choice of painting on velvet rather than the traditional surface of canvas. He spent hundreds of hours developing his own style of realism with a method of painting on the velvet surface where the oil paint literally became part of the fabric, a gentler method than Leeteg’s heavy hand. After a few years the medium became gauche with badly executed boiler plate paintings of bullfighters and Elvis Presley being sold out of trucks in gas station parking lots. My father never fully recovered from this setback and virtually “hung up” his brushes.  

I inherited my father’s passion for art and worked diligently to perfect my craft, in spite of his disillusionment. In his attempt to dissuade me from pursuing such a non-lucrative career, he was overly critical of my work, hoping I would give up but I persisted and continued to draw. He wouldn’t even let me try my hand at painting until I was 19 because “there is no point in using a brush if you can’t use a pencil properly”. With the help of my father’s critique of hundreds of pencil sketches I developed my own creative style.

In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s I became serious with painting on canvas and experimented with numerous genres including nudes, portraits, still life, surrealism and landscapes. Taking my father’s caution to heart, I studied Architectural/Structural/Civil design at VCC and moved to a more financially viable use of my skills by scribing maps and producing renderings of future dams for BC Hydro.

I left BC Hydro to pursue a business in graphic design at a time when Photoshop was still a programmer’s dream. I spent a number of years designing brochures, land development prospecti, and company logos and letterheads. 

As I ventured deeper into my career I became involved with computers and mapping and moved into the field of Geographic Information Systems, or intelligent mapping.  Commitments to my career and young family became my passion and painting became a pleasant diversion when time permitted.

With my children grown and embarking on their own adventures and my career moving to a close, I am picking up where I left off, a wiser man with a resurgent need to explore what is possible for me and my art.

Past Events

Shades of Blue  - The ACT Art Gallery, Maple Ridge, BC  -  FCA Fraser Valley Chapter juried exhibition January 11 - February 8

Peninsula Art Tour  2019

The Vancouver Salon - Federation of Canadian Artists juried exhibition - August 5th -18th

SSWRAS 60th Anniversery Outdoor Show Memorial Park on White Rock Waterfront 

Capital Playhouse Theatre 

Artists Choice 2019 - Federation of Canadian Artists juried exhibition

The Gallery Central Plaza

South Surrey White Rock Art Society -2018 Fall Art Show and Sale

Landscapes - Federation of Canadian Artists juried exhibition

O' Canada 2018 - Federation of Canadian Artists juried exhibition

Go Figure - Federation of Canadian Artists  juried exhibition

South Surrey White Rock Art Society -2018 Spring Art Show and Sale

InsideOUT Art Show and Charity Event

O Canada - Federation of Canadian Artists Juried Exhibition

Crossing Boundaries - Beauty of Canada Federation of Canadian Artists Juried Exhibition

Annual Semiahmoo Arts’ Member Exhibition

Vernon Arts Council

Headbones Gallery

Steve Wilson's charity weekend 

Private collections



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